i think i’m gearing towards saying goodbye to this blog

so like

go here if you wish to keep in contact

or here’s my twitter

or both

a’ight i’m heading back over PEACE

yeah i def feel that!! I hate this blog for the most part and my other blog is just easier to deal with I just want to get to the point where I don’t have to experience~ every event with the “fandom” and can just appreciate their faces casually

if i was able to get to the point of casual facial appreciation so can u

i think ppl were bashing the article bc it simultaneously implied harry was the only important one, slut shamed him, had sexist tones and made zayn and harry uncomfortable lol BUT I AGREE i dont have time to care like it sucks but

ya thats super shitty

i’m w u

take me with u, i want to not care

i mean like the whole tone and questions in the article (and some of the answers) bug me but i literally don’t have the capacity to get really upset over it at the moment hahahaha

idk i found that being in this fandom made me more unhappy in general so i’ve distanced myself quite a bit (outside of reading ziam and occasionally crying about zayn’s face)

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these freak outs are why i don’t bother with fandom anymore tbh it’s too stressful and i don’t have the energy to worry about it

what did louis say in that gq article i don’t feel like searching for it

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